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How to Get The Most Out of the Genghis Grill Discount Coupons?


You must have come to this site with the sole purpose of looking for new coupon codes that you can use to save a few bucks from your Genghis Grill order. You are encouraged to continue reading the article if you are interested in learning how to obtain discount coupons that you can use to save money at the Genghis Grill restaurants.

How Does the Point System in Khan’s Rewards Club Work?

You should sign up for Khan’s Rewards club to take advantage of all the promotions and coupon code that Genghis Grill offers. Khan’s Reward is the official club of the restaurant for customers who frequently go to buy take out or dine in at the restaurant. You will start receiving emails on discount codes that you can use to apply to your order at Genghis Grill as well as being entitled for a coupon that you can use to redeem a free bowl on your birthday.

Do you want to learn how the point systems in the Khan Rewards club are calculated. Points can be earned when you spend money dining at Genghis Grill restaurant after you become a member. They offer you a free bowl when you have accumulated 9 points in your account. The rewards points system is used by the company to rewards loyal customers who frequently buy from them. The subsequent bowls will earn you 0.5 points. You can use the points for redemption of a free bowl that is small or regular size. Points can be used for redeeming free bowls at all Genghis Grill franchise restaurants.

List of Coupons that You Can Use to Get Discounts at Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill regularly releases new coupons code to encourage customers to buy more.

Buy One, Get One Coupon – you get a free bowl when you purchase an adult bowl

Monday Madness, Tuesday Kids Eat Free – You only pay $6.99 for a chef made bowl when you dine in at selected hours on Monday and they offer a free giveaway of kids meal set if the customer order an adult bowl.

All for $24.99 – This coupon is for those who just want to spend $24.99 on two bowls of stir fry. The coupon will also provide you with 2 free drinks and sundae dessert.

$9.99 Bowl Combo – The coupon is ideal for people who have $9.99 to spend and only want to buy one bowl of stir fry. You get 1 free soft drinks with the coupon.

Happy Halloween – Kids Eat Free – Halloween is approaching and they will soon make the Happy Halloween coupon available. Your child is entitled to a free kids meal when you buy an adult bowl at any day of the week while promotion last when you present this coupon.

Get a Free Coupon to Use on Your Birthday by Joining Khan’s Rewards

A coupon that you can use to redeem a free bowl will be mailed to you on your birthday if you join the Khan’s Rewards club. If your birthday is in this week and you haven’t join the membership yet, make sure you join on Monday to get the coupon. The free birthday bowl coupon will automatically be added onto your account on your birthday after you join.

Sign Up for the Reward Card to Earn Points

You have the option of applying for the Khan’s Rewards Card when you join the membership. It is very easy to apply for the Khan’s Rewards Card. You will see the Register Card button when you press on the Khan’s Reward button. Points will be stored on your card when you start shopping at Genghis Grill restaurant but you can redeem the points for free bowls only after the card registration.

You are not applying for a physical plastic card but rather a virtual card where points earned can be stored. The username and password will be sent to your email following the card registration. You are to use the username and password to login into your account to check how much points you have earn. You can ask the staff to key in the points into your card when you are dining at the restaurant.


So, now you know there are a few ways for you to get a free bowl at Genghis Grill. you can use any method describe above to redeem the free coupons.

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